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Tyler Glass Q&A

Tyler Glass Q&A

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FB Tyler Glass (Lancaster, WI)

Tell Bison fans about the Lancaster football team: how have the Flying Arrows done the past few years, did any other teammates sign to play in college and has the team won any state championships?

Arrows tradition is 2nd to none. I have been to state the last 4 years we were runners up the first three years and state champions my senior year. We won our 13th state title trophy this season.

Are there any other Lancaster players from the past that have signed to play DI football?

Our quarterback signed to play for Mankato State. There are two Hampton brothers that played for the Badgers in the past.

Did you know anything about NDSU before they started recruiting you?

I went to the NDSU camp but no I didn’t know much. I have only been up two times but everyone seems nice and Fargo seems like a great place to live!

When did NDSU start recruiting you and when did they offer you a PWO offer?

NDSU started recruiting me my junior year. They offered me my PWO after my senior football season was done.

What other teams were you hearing from leading up to signing day and did you have any other PWO or scholarship offers? Did you have a final 2 or 3 you were deciding between?

I had a few DII offers and Drake wanted me to play for them. I also was talking to Wisconsin, but they didn’t seem as interested as NDSU so I went to the team that felt right.

You committed shortly after your official visit to NDSU in late January. What was it that you wanted to see before you got to Fargo and was there anything about the city or university that surprised you?

I just wanted to make sure the city was what I wanted. I wanted a bigger setting and a good place to live. Fargo is that!

Your primary recruiter was Tim Polasek who also coaches the RB’s and previously coached the FB/TE’s. Tell us about Coach Polasek, what you think you can learn from him and how was he able to convince you to walk on at NDSU?

Coach Polasek is a great coach. I like his intensity and the sky is the limit if he is my coach. Same for Coach Roehl. I’m glad I get to be coached by those two.

What has Coach Polasek said to you about where they see you fitting in? Primarily a FB or more of a FB/RB combo like Derrick Lang?

I think I am starting as a FB but if I can prove myself we will see.

Signing day my website showed Lancaster as a top 10 city for web traffic which surprised me. Was the town pretty proud after you signed and did most people know who NDSU was and what type of success they are having?

People know about NDSU but not a lot of people. It’s not very often people sign out of Lancaster so it was a big deal.

Did you do much research on the success of past NDSU walk on’s or did coaches pitch the fact that Wisconsin’s Brian Schaetz or Minnesota’s Joe Haeg were walk on’s and now start for NDSU?

The coaches pointed out the success walk ons have had and I believe in myself to get it done

Watching your hudl your stance pre-snap looks more like a track stance. Is that how your HS coaches want to single back to line up or is that something you started doing?

That is something I started doing. It just helped me explode more.

Much of NDSU 2015 class had already verballed to NDSU before the national championship game, but you were still undecided. Did you watch the national championship game and if so, where did you watch it and who did you watch it with?

I watched some of the game at my house. I watched it with my dad.

Is there any specific jersey numbers you would like to be and why are those numbers important to you?

27 because I have been that my whole life.

What do you plan to major in?


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