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Ty Brooks Q&A

Ty Brooks Q&A

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CB Ty Brooks (Fargo, ND)

Your senior year didn’t end as you hoped, but you still had a great run at Fargo South. Tell Bison fans about Bruin football and how you finished your years on the varsity team.
Bruin football is a tight family, Anything less than a state championship is a disappointment to us and just making the playoffs isn’t good enough as it would be for some teams. Our coaches instill that in us early into the program so that when we get to the varsity level we know what we need to accomplish. Teammates will keep each other accountable, if you do something wrong you’re going to hear about it but it’s all with love.

When did NDSU start recruiting you and what was the feeling like when the offered you a scholarship?
NDSU started recruiting me my junior year but the old coaches knew about me after I started going to their camp my sophomore year. I was emailing their coaches just trying to get my name out there because being from North Dakota you don’t get the exposure that you would as if you lived in Minnesota. When I finally got the offer i actually cried when i got home. I told my mom and it was really like a dream come true. My Mom, friends and family only have to drive 10 minuets down the road to come watch me play that’s a blessing by itself.

What other sports have you competed in on the varsity level and are you doing any of the sports your senior year?
I played Varsity baseball my freshman and sophomore year and then switched to track my junior year and won state in the long jump.

You received your NDSU offer after summer camp in June. Explain what that camp is like and compare it to any of the other camps you went to.
I Went to the Wyoming camp this summer and honestly the NDSU one was way better in my opinion. At Wyoming, everyone was just worried about themselves and how they are performing, but at the NDSU camp the competition was better. I felt like the guys Jax, Sikes, Robbie and I all kinda got a chemistry going as the day went on.

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Do you feel any pressure or pride in being one of the few North Dakota recruits to sign with NDSU for their 2015 football class?
No pressure, pride though knowing that I’m one of three doing it this year. It’ll be fun playing in front of my hometown and people I know.

What were the most important factors for you in picking a school to continue your education and football career?
They had to provide what I needed academically because football can be taken away at any second. Also I wanted somewhere where my mama could come watch me play and that I could drive home to if needed. NDSU is the perfect fit.

Your primary NDSU recruiter was QB coach Randy Hedberg, what was it about Coach Hedberg that you liked and how hands on was he in your recruitment?
Coach did a great job. He was very hands on and he contacted me when able my junior year to let me know what I needed to do, what had to get done and any questions I had I didn’t hesitate to ask.

You were very successful as a defensive back and offensive weapon, do you have a preference what side of the ball you prefer to play on? What are coaches telling you as far as where they see you playing?
I like offense, but I’ll be playing corner at NDSU. I feel like it’s a perfect fit for the type of person and player I am.

Where did you watch the national championship game and what type of emotions were you going through when NDSU lost the lead and then got it back late in the 4th quarter?
I was actually supposed to go to the game. We had tickets and then the day we were supposed to leave the storm hit so it sucked. We watched it and I knew they had it the whole time. That’s what they do, they FINISH games so it was never a worry for me.

Is there any specific jersey numbers you would like to be and why are those numbers important to you?Nothing specific, but I’m hoping for the number seven. I feel like I need a different number from high school as this is a new chapter in my life.

Any Bison players from the past you look up to and if so why?
Marcus Williams, watching him all the time he was here and what he was able to achieve while he played was crazy.

Was there anything about NDSU that surprised you on any of your visits?
How close all the players are was cool to see. My official all of us were together it’s just like a family and that’s how it should be.

What do you plan to major in?

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