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Stanley Jones Q&A

Stanley Jones Q&A

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I know your last game didnt go as you hoped it would, but you still had amazing success at Bismarck High. Are you able to look back and appreciate all you guys were able to accomplish at BHS?

Absolutely, I made it to the state championship 3 years in a row and won 2 of them. That’s something not very many kids get the opportunity to do, so to be able to do that with all my teammates it’s pretty special.

When did you first start hearing from NDSU and when did they become your top choice?

I started hearing from NDSU after I attended their summer camp. When I was looking at my choices NDSU had everything I wanted and that’s when they started to become my top choice.

You committed before the big coaching change, how did that process affect you and did you ever consider looking at different schools?

The coaching change was kind of a surprise. I found out and talked with my dad right away and he told me to go back to what made me choose NDSU in the first place. I had family in town, NDSU was a great and successful program, and the school had everything I needed. I knew they would get new coaches that were just as good as the old ones because the program was so great, and it was a relief when I found out who the new coaches were.

Your new recruiter ended up being Coach Hedberg and your new position coach is Coach Cain. How much have you heard from these guys and how comfortable are you with the new staff?

It’s been a while since the new coach change and I’ve got to know the new guys a lot better. They are both very good coaches from what I’ve heard and I think things worked out very well.

NDSU has proven year after year that North Dakota kids can play at some of the highest levels of college football. How much pride do you have in continuing that tradition?

It’s awesome to be a North Dakota kid going to NDSU. There have been tons of great players from ND that have had great success so it’s a good feeling to be another one of those kids that can continue the great tradition.

Did you grow up an NDSU fan?

I haven’t lived in North Dakota my whole life so growing up I didn’t know much about the Bison. I moved to Fargo my freshman year from Denver and actually went to a couple games. Once I moved to Bismarck after my freshman year I continued to hear about their success and became a big fan.

You are projected to play DE at NDSU. Last time I checked you were listed at around 215 pounds. How much weight do you hope to put on and have you started any lifting programs from NDSU?

The plan is to hopefully be around 240 or 250. NDSU has great lifting coaches and I think that’s going to help lots. They sent me a lifting program which has helped since I can’t be there.

What was it about NDSU that set them apart from the other schools you were considering?

I talked with one of my former teammates that is playing college football and he told me that when i go and visit a place I’m going to know if that’s the right fit for you. When I went to NDSU I knew it was the place that I wanted to go to. It offered everything I was looking for in a school.

Have you decided what you would like to major in?

I plan to major in business.