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Scheduling Home and Home Contracts

Scheduling Home and Home Contracts

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John Neis 3/6/13

It hasnt been easy for NDSU to get their OOC opponents to visit Fargodome. The list includes some big names like Georgia Southern and most recently Montana State. Both of those were suppose to be return trips of a home and home contract. So it has to be tough for the department to believe a school when they want to sign a home and home and NDSU goes on the road first. The list of schools that would happily welcome the back to back champs into town in 2013 is impressive. Appalachian St, Wofford, Liberty, Northern Arizona, Samford, and Southern Utah to name a few.
Time after time NDSU has insisted they want 6 home games against FCS teams. But with the continued success will come the continued stress of the 6 game home schedule. Even though the coaches may not want to play 12 games this year or 2014, this senior laden team may have to lay the groundwork for 2015-16 or beyond. Just make sure there are some escalators in the buyout so it hurts the team to buyout so late in the process.

Every option has to be looked at if they want to stick with the 11 game with 6 at home schedule formula.

OPTION 2 Get a Conference Game Moved
@SDSU 9-28 could be moved to 11-2 but that would give the Bison a 3 game stretch of @SIU @Indiana St @SDSU.
UNI 10-5 could be moved to 9-14 but I’m not really sure UNI is willing to do this football team any favors and their schedule is currently set.
@SIU 10-19 could be moved to 9-14 but that would give SIU 2 bye weeks in a row
Illinois St 11-9 could be moved to 9-7 but that would give the Redbirds 3 road games to open the season.
USD 11-23 could be moved to 9-14 and this idea has some legs to me. USD is currently sitting with bye weeks 9-14 and 9-21. NDSU would open @KState USD bye Delware St @SDSU. This would leave 11-23 open and 9 schools in the Patriot league have open dates 11-23. As does Morgan St from the MEAC, Tennessee St from the Ohio Valley and 4 schools in the SWAC. For information’s sake we should mention UN_ the school an hour north also has 11-23 open. Its not ridiculous to think these seniors want to play them whether at home or on the road.

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