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RJ Urzendowski Q&A

RJ Urzendowski Q&A

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When did you first consider NDSU as a serious option for your education and to continue playing football?

I first considered NDSU as a serious option right away early in my Junior year when I began seriously looking at potential schools.

You went to a lot of FBS summer camps, how did they stack up to the NDSU camp you attended and was their anything about the NDSU camp that surprised you as far as the competition level?

The NDSU camp stacked up every bit as well as other FBS camps. It was ran very well and there were more numbers than a lot of other camps I went to. There was a lot of good talent too; very competitive.

You were one of the first verbals along with fellow Nebraskan Jalen Allison. How did you know so early that NDSU was the right fit?

I just felt like it was the right fit for me. I had a good relationship with the coaching staff and obviously the program and community support speaks for itself. They were honest and supportive of me from the beginning and there was no need to wait around any longer.

The NDSU-Nebraska recruiting pipeline continues to grow over the years. Why do you think NDSU is turning into a destination for Nebraska athletes who don’t get that BSC offer they were hoping for?

It’s been a very successful pipeline thus far and I look to continue that trend. NDSU is turning into such a popular destination because of how good the program and community are. Bison football is no secret in Nebraska and NDSU is clearly one of the top programs in the area so the pipeline will definitely continue.

Every interview I see with you there always seems to be an Easton Stick question tied in. So my obligatory Stick question is, when was the last interview someone didnt ask you about him?

It’s probably been a year or so since I haven’t been asked a question about him.

I lied I have to ask one more Stick question. Many people assumed you were a package deal but you both have said that was not the case. I know you are excited to keep playing with him, but how important was it for you to both make your own decision for where to go to college?

A lot of people seem to think that we were a package deal but that was not the case and we made our commitments months apart. It was extremely important that our recruiting processes were separate. The choice for a school has to be based on what suits us best individually. Making a 4 or 5 year commitment for school and football is way too important to be based on a package deal. It just so happened that NDSU was the best fit for both of us.

What are you thoughts on NDSU’s new OC Tim Polasek and new WR coach Atif Austin and what have the told you they expect from you while at NDSU?

I’m extremely excited about both Coach Polasek and Austin. Both are very high energy guys and I can’t wait to get to work with them. It’s a good fit because obviously Coach Polasek has had a history here and knows what Bison football is all about and Coach Austin has been with Coach Klieman before so its a perfect fit all around.

Have you decided what you want to major in?

I am planning on going into some sort of Civil Engineering.