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Recruiting Notes (11-13-13)

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John Neis 11-13/13 email:

I’m going to make an effort to produce a weekly update on with recruiting info. I guess the only way to start an update blog is to recap where NDSU is at. We know of 10 verbal commitments, with 7 reported to be on offense and 3 on defense.  NDSU stayed in state to find two big additions to the Rams in Towner’s Luke Bacon and Blafour’s Tanner Volson.
Easton Stick the QB from Omaha, Nebraska has generated the most buzz in the media.  Maybe more exciting are the skilled players coming in with him in 3 receivers(Urzendowski, Lesure, and Hawkins)  and running back Eji Ejiya.  Urzendowski is Stick’s teammate at Creighton prep, Lesure was considered by many to be the top Wisconsin WR in this year’s class and Hawkins looks to be another in the long line of great Twin Cities recruits.  Ejiya interestingly enough was named to the MNFootballHub’s 2013 All-Metro football team as an outside linebacker. At the top of that Metro list you will see another potential Bison in defensive end Greg Menard.  Cornerback Jalen Allison was the first player to give NDSU his verbal commitment, while linebacker Dan Marlette is one of the top South Dakota prospects and continues the Sioux Falls Washington pipeline. 

We can expect a minimum of 25 scholarship athletes in the 2014 class.  There is a maximum but I am not sure what that number is.  I believe it is different than FBS as FCS teams can split scholarships.  If anyone knows the answer, please email me a link ( I am going to go off the assumption that is will be between 25-30 scholarship players in this class.  That means we might only be a third of the way done before LOI in February.
IMO, One of the biggest needs in this class is Running Back. 2013’s class appears to have a good one in Chase Morlock but he is playing as a true freshman to help out special teams.  There was no RB in the 2012 class and the 2011 class had Matt Jones who has since left the team because of injuries.  And when you are talking about a team that wants to run the ball and a position that regularly sees players get injured, you have to believe that Ejiya will not be the only RB.  You have to believe they need 2 incoming freshman and would not be surprised if the added a Juco or even FBS transfer for spring ball.    They have 3 known reported offers out.  Deondre Fair is the newest reported offer but he also reported 2 BCS offers and 2 FBS offers.   Fair is from Florida, a state NDSU’s AJ Cooper is hitting hard this year and it’s also the state where another RB offer is from.  Alex Gardner from Jacksonville reported an NDSU offer in the summer but not many recruiting outlets are giving NDSU any shot in landing him.  Duncan Ferch is a really interesting RB from Iowa.   Both of his brothers walked onto Iowa State so you have to expect he wants to wait as long as possible to see if the Cyclones will offer so he can play with his brothers.  Then again maybe he would have fun playing against them next year when NDSU travels to Ames.

There are 26 other reported offers out there.  Some may have only been early offers and the player never received a written offer.  You also have some players with BCS offers or FBS offers that it will be nearly impossible for them to even consider NDSU (Johns, Maxwell, Jennings and Buehler)   But crazier things have happened, I wrote off Marcus Collins after his verbal to Pit, only to learn that he changed his mind and reported taking an official visit to NDSU in September.  


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