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Molick Scott Q&A

Molick Scott Q&A

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Really appreciate you taking some time to answer a few questions. North Carolina is not a state NDSU recruits, so how did you get in contact with the Bison coaches?

Honestly I Didnt, i just so happened to recieve a call from Coach Cain one day, I was shocked myself.

Seriously, when you tell your friends you signed with NDSU how many people even know about the school and the accomplishments of the athletics department?

You’d be surprised by how many people know about NDSU here in North Carolina. First thing they say when i tell them is “They win championships up there” makes me feel accomplished and proud to be a Bison.

Your high school is fairly new but has been very successful. Tell us about the history of the school, what level of play and some players who have gone on to play in college or the pros.

Well Northern is a very young school I believe we have only been open for 7 years but within those 7 years we have already won numerous state championships. 3 with football alone. Coach Johnny Roscoe was our first coach ever and he created this dynasty. Keenan Allen was the face of the franchise also being an All-American and playing at Cal to now playing for the San Diego Chargers. Then it was Tj Logan who now plays for Carolina. Other Guys such as John Mcbeth who plays at Western Carolina, Malik Preleau who plays at NC A&T and Rocco Scarfone who is at ECU are names of others who have gone to play college ball.

You recently visited NDSU, what did you need to see from the school to consider it your future home?

I wanted to see Academic prestige and just a friendly environment in order to call NDSU my home for the next 4 years and I saw just that.

What coaches did you get a chance to talk with on your visit and what were your impressions of them?

On my visit I was able to meet coach Entz, Coach Klieman, Coach Cain, Coach Polasek, Coach Goeser, Coach Austin and Coach Klanderman. All of the coaches left a good impression and after spending time with them all I was able to get to know them and their personalities.

What was your favorite part of your trip and was their anything that was surprising to you?

My favorite part of the trip was definitely hanging out with the Players. Those guys were hilarious and fun to be around which is another reason why I chose NDSU. I was actually surprised by the size of the Fargodome, it looks normal from the outside but when you go inside its a different story. Its hugeee.

Why do you enjoy playing in the defensive backfield and what do you hope to bring to the Wolfpack?

I enjoy playing Defensive Back because I love getting interceptions and causing havoc. Not to mention occasionally laying somewhat out isn’t so bad either haha. I hope to bring versatility to this defense. I want to be that guy that’ll work hard and is able to play more than one Defensive Back position.

Have you been in contact with any of the other 2014 NDSU commitments through social media or on the phone?

Actually I have, me and Easton Stick have talked via twitter and we actually exchanged numbers and right now we are getting to know each other.

Why is it you decided to sign so late and what was it about NDSU that made you decide it’s the right school for your future?

Well I didn’t have a choice because I wasn’t getting the exposure that I had hoped for so I was kind of taking it day by day. The fact that NDSU went as far as to North Carolina to get me let me know that they believed in my talent and me as a player and they knew that I can make a difference. That alone made me want to be apart of NDSU so that I can work hard and give our team the best opportunity to be successful.

North Carolina A&T is in your hometown of Greensboro, Elon is just down the road and there are many other FCS schools within a few hours. How familiar are people with FCS football in your neck of the woods?

People around here are pretty similar with the FCS. Most of the people though associate themselves with the Dukes, NC State, Carolina but they don’t sleep on the FCS either