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Marcus Collins Interview

Marcus Collins Interview

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How did your senior season go?

It was a fantastic year overall for my school and our program. My graduating class and I really changed the culture of football at our school. This was the first year that we both started and ended the season academically eligible and AOD violation free as an entire team. It showed on the field too, as we made our schools first playoff appearance since ’07 and finished 7-2, second in conference.

Do you plan to compete in any other sports your senior year?

I suppose… I am currently on our schools bowling team and those days counter my workout schedule. Other than that, I’ll be a mid-year enrollee at NDSU and will be starting there in January; leaving no time for any serious high school sports.

Who is the last DI football player to come out of La Follette?

The last one was from that ’07 season. He goes by the name of Ross Elliott and he played at Northern Illinois for about two years before leaving for the military. Before that, there’s near nobody in my schools history for football.

When did you first hear from NDSU?

It was back in the winter after my junior season; a lot of communication through my coach up until the spring evaluation period when they contacted me directly.

At what point did NDSU become your top choice?

Probably after my official… they pulled everything out of the hat and I was impressed.

What was it about NDSU that set them apart from your other offers?

The rich tradition and atmosphere surrounding the entire program. They have a fan base that is incomparable to most others and that’s a result of what Coach Bohl has done for their program. A lot of coaches talk about winning championships, but Coach Bohl and Co. are actually doing it.

You played many positions in High School, what excites you about playing a Move Tight End in college?

Playing as a Move Tight End is exciting for a lot of reasons… I feel it gives me the best opportunity to succeed at the collegiate and potential professional level. I have a wide range of skills and I can assist the team in many different ways, as well as create a mismatch for defenses universally. Being too fast to be covered by linebackers and too big to be covered by defensive backs.

You visited NDSU in October, how was the trip and anything that surprised you about NDSU when you were there?

As I said before, the trip was intriguing. I got to see a lot more of what Fargo had to offer and I was overjoyed because I am definitely more of a city kid. The diversity amongst the program is something that is gradually improving and also something I know will continue to develop throughout the entire school.

Do you plan to make it up to Fargo for any more games?

Probably not. I have a lot of school work where I’m using my weekends to get it done. However, I was up there a week ago for the Illinois State game as a follow up to my official and to get my father on campus; he enjoyed it plenty as well.

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