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Katie Shoultz 2014 Softball Commit Q&A

Katie Shoultz 2014 Softball Commit Q&A

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When did you first start hearing from the NDSU softball staff and when did they offer you?

I started hearing from NDSU my junior summer and they offered me that summer too.

You had success in every sport you played in high school. Could you give an update on what sports you did play and awards you or your team won?

I’ve earned all conference honors in all of them. Softball I’ve been player of the year 3 years in a row along with first team all state.

Going from playing numerous sports to only one in college can be tough on some people. Have you been given any advice on how to get accustomed to this?

No I haven’t, I know it will be tough and I will miss them like crazy but it’ll be a good change for me and I’ll get use to it. But, if anyone gives you advice about it you should let me know!

What other schools had offers out to you and what sports did they offer in?

Western Illinois
Iowa state
All softball

What was it about NDSU that was the deciding factor to continue your education and athletic career in Fargo?

I chose Fargo because not only did I love the coaches and team and the campus but it felt like my hometown (Muscatine) big school small town feel. I felt like NDSU suited me the best.

Did you watch NDSU in the postseason this year and how important was playing for a winning program in your decision to pick NDSU?

I knew NDSU had a great program from the start, and coming into a great program was just a plus. I watched them play at western during regular season about 2 years ago and I watched them this season play against Auburn at Minnesota

Have you met many of the other recruits for the 2014 class and what is the excitement level to come in and continue the strong tradition NDSU has in softball?

I have only met the girls I will be going to play with so far, and my other roommate Brooke Yaggie, who is playing basketball. I know the girls that are coming to NDSU with me are just as excited to be going as I am

Have you talked with coaches about whether or not you will redshirt and what position do you think you will have the most success at in college?

We have not talked about redshirting this season. I think that if I am put somewhere in the outfield I will have success there. But, if my place on the team is a base runner or a someone who cheers on the team, then I’ll give it my all and be happy with it.

NDSU is loaded with California athletes on their softball team. Did you meet many of them on your visit and was it easy to get along with them as an incoming recruit?

Yeah I have met all the girls and I am so excited to get to play with them just because I got along with them so well

What do you hope to major in?

So far I have no idea what I will major, I’m undecided as of now but I have thought about maybe doing something in education or medical.