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Jon Sobaski Q&A

Jon Sobaski Q&A

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You are the all-time leading scorer in Prior Lake history, when did you first start playing for the varsity team and when was your first start?

I’ve played and started varsity for 4 years for Prior Lake. My first start was my first game freshmen year.

When did you first start hearing from schools and when did NDSU enter the picture?

NDSU was actually the first school to ever start recruiting me. They came to an open gym my freshmen year and they’ve showed me love ever since.

What did you need to see on your official visit to help your decision and what on your trip impressed and/or surprised you about NDSU or Fargo?

I went on my official visit after I Committed. I’ve actually been to Fargo quite a few times before going on my official visit. One thing that surprised me was that everyone is so nice in Fargo, it reminded me of Minnesota.

The team has been described by itself as goofy and always having fun, did you get to spend any time with them on your official visit?

Yeah, I did. I spent the majority of my time up there with AJ and Carlin. Carlin was a big trash talker when it came to playing AJ in video games which was hilarious. I’m excited to get on campus in June and join the team.

Who did you watch the Oklahoma game with and how was that roller coaster ride for you?

I watched the Oklahoma game with a girl I’ve been seeing since I was a freshmen. I was on edge the whole entire game, especially when LA hit that 3 to send it into overtime.

Saul Phillips showed a lot of love for his players in his press conferences in Spokane. Did you feel a closeness between the players and coaches when you were being recruited?

I’ve always had a close relationship with Coach Richman, he was the one who recruited me the hardest.

Did you get many messages or phone calls from friends about NDSU making the tournament and winning a game?

My phone completely blew up during/after the Oklahoma game. All of my friends hit me up saying that NDSU had either helped or hurt their brackets.

You have a chance to learn from one of the the best point guards in NDSU history in Lawrence Alexander. How important will it be for you to soak up as much information as you can from him his senior year?

I’m going into my freshmen year with the mindset to act like a sponge. I have a lot to learn and even more to work on as a player. It will be vital for me to learn everything I can from LA and even Carlin too.

Do you expect to play next year or redshirt or have you not discussed that with the coaches yet?
I sat down with Coach Phillips, Coach Richman, and my mom this past fall and discussed redshirting my first year. It’s a possibility.

Which coach was your primary recruiter and what has your relationship with him been like?

Coach Richman has been on me since I was 14 in an open gym before my freshmen year even started. He is a great coach but an even greater person. He always is asking how I am personally before we talk basketball. He makes sure that the decisions I make whether its in basketball or in life too are the ones that make me the happiest. He is one hell of a guy.

Have you met or talked with any of the other 3 commits?

I haven’t met face to face with any of the 3 but we do interact on twitter

What have you seen with the new Scheels Arena and how exciting will it be to be one of the first players to play a game there?

The coaches showed me the whole plan for the new arena. I’m extremely excited to be a part of the new arena and play in it for the next 4 years.

Do you know what you would like to major in?