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Jaylaan Wimbush Q&A

Jaylaan Wimbush Q&A

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Free Safety Jaylaan Wimbush from Gulfport, Florida was one of the surprise signings for NDSU’s 2014 class. He signed a few weeks after National Letter of Intent day but is expected to be another key piece in the class. Wimbush took some time to answer a few questions for Bison fans.

What had you heard about NDSU and their football team before you were contacted?

Before I was contacted I had heard a little about NDSU seeing them play in the post season as well as in the championship game.

You and Molick Scott were 2 late signings for NDSU. When did you first hear from NDSU and what coach contacted you?

I was contacted around February by coach Atif Austin. I actually received the call to come up after my coach had me go to a recruiting fair.

You took an official visit the same weekend as Molick. How much time did you guys spend together and what was it about the school/program that you wanted to see on your trip?

Molick and myself became really close and hit a quick bond on the trip. We ended up practically spending the whole trip together. During the trip I was just trying to get a feel for the school and the coaching staff. It was my first and only visit so I was just trying to get a feel and soak it all in.

Your hudl link shows you playing all over the field, but NDSU coaches are projecting you to play free safety. What do you like about playing in the secondary and what do you expect to bring to the Wolfpack (NDSU secondary)?

Playing in the secondary where so many memorable players have played is amazing. From code green to the wolfpack its a tremendous honor and I am excited to play alongside players like Chris Board, Christian Dudzik and Colton Heagle. Not to mention the fact that in the same year I’m a tadpole in the pool of talent that has gone through players such as Marcus Williams, Bryan Shepherd and Brendan Pierre.

NDSU has 2 very experienced safeties in Dudzik and Heagle. Where do you think they will help you in becoming a better athlete and student?

As far as being helped by Dudzik and Heagle I feel that they will help me adjust to the speed of college football as well as get me acclimated with the schedule and workouts and things of that nature. They will practically be older brothers to me.

What I expect to do for this secondary and the wolfpack is bring in speed and ball skills but also learn what role I can fill. What I love most about the secondary is being a ball hawk and seeing everything others can’t.

What other schools were you hearing from and what set NDSU apart from those schools?

I wasn’t really highly recruited out of high school. I received offers from small schools all around the country but what set NDSU apart was the fact that they were genuinely interested in me as a student and my academic goals and then my talent on the field. I was welcomed with open arms as is every other recruit, but I felt like it was home rather than just a visit.

Florida is a long ways away from North Dakota, why did you chose to sign with a school so far away?

When it came to signing, my father told me ‘where ever you go make sure it’s a second home to you’ and that’s what NDSU was to me. A home away from home.

NDSU has had some good luck the last few classes in the Sunshine state. Why do you think players are giving NDSU a chance and what would you say to a 2015 graduate who is considering NDSU?

The information I would tell a graduating 2015 senior would be that if they are considering NDSU as another home that they should think long and hard because it’s a different environment. Things won’t be the same in Florida but I would advise them that it’s a great place to be with a team motto and a family oriented place.

Do you expect to redshirt next year and what do you plan to major in?

I’m not to worried if I redshirt or not. I know that I will bring my heart and soul and giving my all in order to contribute to this team and my family. I plan on majoring in pre med