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Eji Ejiya Q&A

Eji Ejiya Q&A

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Growing up what did you know about NDSU and when did they become a serious option for you to consider playing college football?

Growing up I didn’t know much about the NDSU program. I started to get familiar with them my junior year of high school. And they became a serious option after I went to their camp and a few games.

You attended NDSU summer camp like a lot of other commits. What did you learn about NDSU at the camp that impressed you and would you suggest to future recruits to attend the NDSU camp?

At the camp I learned a lot of different moves and techniques they don’t let you in on at the high school level that give you an advantage when playing football. And yes I suggest it because the competition level is high up there and there are many other colleges there to watch you.

When you visited NDSU on Jan 17th there were a bunch of other recruits also visiting. How was it finally getting to meet some of those guys and guys on the team?

It was such a great experience. We all talked before hand through messages and social media and actually seeing the guys was heart warming. A great group of guys.

You are an All State and Mr Minnesota Football Finalist at OLB but you plan to start out at RB at NDSU. Is that the position you prefer and what excites you about being a Bison RB?

Personally I don’t mind playing LB or RB. I’ve played them both and I feel I could fit on either side of the ball. And it’s a great feeling being a Bison RB. They’ve always had some great backs and I feel like they could change me from a good RB to a great one in a matter of years.

Your RB coach is also the new OC in Tim Polasek. How many times have you guys talked and what has he told you he expects out of you?

Coach Polasek was actually recruiting me when he was at NIU so we’ve actually talked a lot. He expects me to run hard and just do what I do. Also to follow the scheme that they plan up.

Did you get a chance to watch any NDSU games on TV the past few years? If so which games and any moments that stood out to you?

I watched the national championship game vs Towson and what stood out to me was how consistent NDSU was. They kept pouring on the pressure at a continuous pace and not letting Towson make any type of move.

What other sports are you competing in your senior year?

I was gonna do basketball and track and finish strong with those but my injury is holding me back so I’m just going to lift and get back as fast as possible

How did it feel to finally sign on Feb 5th?

It was honestly the best feeling of my life. Knowing all that hardwork I put in all those years paid off and I can go to such a great school like NDSU makes me feel so accomplished inside. After I signed the papers all that went in my mind is work time for college ball.