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Dominc Davis Q&A

Dominc Davis Q&A

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You are from Belleville, Illinois which is a suberb of St Louis and you played for Belleville West. Tell Bison fans about the Maroons tradition, what class you guys play in, how have you done the past few years and did any teammates sign to play football next year?
Well after Coach Pettus took over as head coach the program has been pretty good. Starting with Pierre’s class after his senior year the program become more successful. We compete in class 7a out of 8. Belleville West had 5 players that signed (including me). Sherand Boyd- Northern Colorado, Austin Seibert- University Oklahoma, Jacob Brown- Missouri Bapist, Matty Klosterman- Robert Morris(Chicago).

Many Bison fans are familiar with Pierre Gee-Tucker who played at the same school as you. Did you play your sophomore year and what was his pitch to you as to why NDSU was the best place for you?
I didn’t play my sophomore year because of an injury. He was always talking about them, how good they were and the success I could have there.

When did you first start hearing from your primary NDSU recruiter Jamar Cain and what did you know about NDSU before they started recruiting you? Also tell us about Coach Cain and what you like about him.
I talked to him a little in the spring of my junior year. He told me to keep up the hard work. I didn’t know him that much at that time. Then when you get to know Coach Cain he his funny and cool guy.

You chose NDSU over a New Mexico offer, how much did you hear from the Lobos during the season and what was their pitch when they were recruiting you? Did you hear from any other schools after your season was completed?
I didn’t hear from them that much they came to 1 of my game, that was about it. It really wasn’t a pitch because we didn’t talk that much. Yes, there was a moment where Wisconsin was coming to see me then the coaches got messed up and that went out the window. Most teams knew that I was locked down with NDSU so they didn’t even try.

You also have had a decent track career, give us your PR’s in each event and how many times have you competed in state?
100 -10.74, 200-21.3 400-49.01 I have been to state the past 2 years. I have 6 state medals. That ties the 2nd most in school history and currently most in my school. I plan to get 4 this year so I can have the most in school history(most is 9) but I want 10. I want to be known as the best.

You are being brought in as a cornerback, so what is it that you like about that position and can you define your style of play for Bison fans?
I love corner because you get to be very physical.

What were the most important factors for you in picking a school to continue your education and play football?

First, was that they have my Major, which most schools do. Going somewhere that I get a chance to play. Also is there great team chemistry. NDSU team chemistry is great.

You verballed to NDSU in early August, why were you able to make your decision so early?
I was there 2 times in the summer with the team and it was like I just fit in with them and I am not there yet. Also they showed me love.

Talk about the process of being recruited: did you enjoy it, was it every stressful and what was it like to finally sign your national letter of intent to NDSU?
Well I was nervous at the beginning because I didn’t know what would happen. Coming into high school I never thought I would be going to college for football. So it was pretty good. I feal relieved that it was over. Signed, now I finish this year and then Bison after that.

NDSU has a couple DB’s in the NFL (Craig Dahl and Marcus Williams) and a couple prospects this year (Colten Heagle and Christian Dudzik). Are you familiar with any of these players and did it factor into your decision you have the ability to go from NDSU to the NFL as a DB?
Yes I met Colten and Christian. But, that is not the main thing I look, at even though it would be nice to be there. I wouldn’t be mad if I didn’t make it.

You took your official visit mid January with 6 other players who signed. Did you get a chance to meet any of the other recruits, who was you host and was there anything about the trip that surprised you about NDSU of Fargo?
Pierre was my host and I met all the recruits that were there with me.
No because I visited in the summer so I am getting familiar with Fargo.

Where did you watch the national championship game at and what type of emotions did you go through when NDSU went down and then gained back the lead late in the 4th?
I watched it on the couch. I wasn’t worried at all honestly. I tell everyone around here that no one can go 4 quarters with NDSU.

Is there any specific jersey numbers you would like to be and why are those numbers important to you?
I would like # 2. I had that number throughout high school

What do you plan to major in?
Education or Mathematics

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