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Demaris Purifoy Q&A

Demaris Purifoy Q&A

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RB Demaris Purifoy (Wauwatosa, WI)

You come from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin which is a suburb of Milwaukee and played at Wauwatosa West high school. How many years did you start for the Trojans and did you guys have much success? Also what awards are you proud of winning?
I started for Wauwatosa West High School 2 years. My jr. year we qualified for the playoffs with a winning record but unfortunately lost the 1st round of playoffs. I am satisfied with receiving the 1st Team All-State award.

Did anyone else from your high school sign to play football in college and who was the last DI player to sign from your school?
No one else has signed to play football in college. To my knowledge, the last player to go D1 was wide receiver Develyn Ferguson. He attended the University of North Dakota.

I see you competed in track, what events did you do, what are your PR’s and do you plan to continue to compete in track your senior year?
For track, I run the 100, 200, and also the 400. My fastest 100 time was an 11.1 and my fastest 400 time was a 50.6. I do plan on running for my senior year.

When did you first hear about NDSU and do you hear or see much of them in the Milwaukee area?
I first heard of NDSU when they started to recruit me. Prior to that, I knew nothing about them. We hear no information about NDSU here in the Milwaukee area.

Tim Polasek is NDSU’s offensive coordinator, running back’s coach and the primary Wisconsin recruiter. Did it help that he is the OC/RB coach and was your primary contact at NDSU and what is it about Coach Polasek that makes you want to play for him?
It helped out a lot that he was also the RB coach because I felt that we built a pretty strong bond throughout the recruitment process so it will just be easier for me to transition and continue our relationship. I really like how he’s so dedicated and determined! He really wants to make his players better and I like that.

What were the most important things for you when picking a place to further your education and football career?
For me, it came down the coaches, players, and location. It was a bonus that NDSU had great tradition, previous success, and that they have really good academics and post college opportunities.

A bunch of commits were in Fargo for senior day against Youngstown, but I believe you were the only person on an official visit. How was it without another recruit to experience the visit with, who was your host and what things impressed you the most on your visit?
Being on the visit alone made me feel pretty special. In addition to getting that one on one attention. They showed that they really cared for me and wanted me without changing who they were. I could tell that they were being themselves and not something that they were not. My host was Dakota Reid.

I will assume you love the fact that NDSU likes to pound the rock. So if you develop how the coaches hope you do, you will have many opportunities to help the team. Describe your style of running and what things do you think you need to work on to become the best back you can be?
I would describe my style as explosive. I think that I have pretty good vision, good at following my blockers and am elusive enough to avoid defenders. I have good acceleration and good open field speed. I feel that I could improve my strength as well as my footwork.

It was reported your final three choices were NDSU, Wyoming and New Mexico. What was the recruiting pitch from the opposing schools and did you take official visits to either place? Also what set NDSU apart from those two?
They all told me how interested in me they were and described how I would impact the team and fit into their offense. I took an official visit to Wyoming but never got around to the one in New Mexico. NDSU had the best success and great support from it’s fans.

What things did you enjoy about the recruiting process and at any point did the process become tiresome or a nuisance?
I really enjoyed the process. It did not become tiresome for me at all.

Did you get a chance to watch the championship game? If so who did you watch it with, where did you watch it and describe your reaction when they went ahead for the win?
I watched the championship game with my mom at my house. It was a really intense game especially at the end! But I wasn’t worried because I knew they had it the whole time!

How do you describe Fargo and NDSU to someone who has never heard of your new team and home?
I would describe Fargo as a nice city that is much bigger then you would think and it’s growing.

What jersey number do you hope to wear and if so, why do you like that number?
I honestly do not have a specified number that I would like. I’m pretty much open and would accept whatever is available

Have you decided what you would like to major or minor in while at NDSU?
I would like to major in business

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