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Greg Menard Q&A

Greg Menard Q&A

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When did you first hear from NDSU and when did you consider them a serious option for you to play in college?

I first heard from NDSU the spring of my junior year, I went up to a spring practice with Ziemer one of my teammates who now is on the team and that is when they offered me a scholarship. I had heard about their reputation but as the school year started and when I went to the UNI game is when I really started to consider it as an option.

NDSU has continually grabbed great athletes out of the Twins Cities and theri suburbs. What makes NDSU such a great option for those athletes who get overlooked by the University of Minnesota?

I think it’s a great option for twin city kids because of the location and the reputation the program has. It is not too close or too far from the cities it’s just right. The reputation the program has built and the FBS programs that they have been beating lately have also made it a more attractive destination in my mind.

How many games did you get to watch at NDSU and did you get to watch any on TV?

I went to two games this year the UNI game and the USD game. I also got the chance to watch quite a few of the games that were streamed online or on ESPN.

Players are only allowed one official visit to a school and you took your NDSU visit in January? How was that trip different than your unofficial visits and what impressed you the most?

The official visit is much different than the unofficial in the sense that on the official they give you an accurate representation of what it’s like to be on the team and how all aspects of student and campus life are. I think the whole experience was very good and worthwhile but what impressed me the most was the overwhelming amount of praise for coach Kramer and his strength program.

It was a long journey for the players like yourself who verballed before most of the coaches announced they were leaving for Wyoming. What was the feeling like when you finally signed with NDSU?

It felt great when I signed with NDSU even after all the coaching instability. I felt like I had made the right choice in committing and getting up on the official really confirmed that. It felt really great to have that stress relieved as well.

Have you started your NDSU lifting program? If so what do you think about it and how is it challenging you to get better?

I have started the program I do the lifts on the days that we don’t lift at track practice. It is pretty challenging at first and it pushes you but, once you get used to it, it’s not that bad at all.

NDSU has 2 new coaches you will work with on a daily basis in Coach Entz and Coach Cain. What have your experiences with them been like and how excited are you to play for them?

Coach Entz and Cain are great. Coach Entz came up to my school the same week he found out he got the spot and we chatted and figured out where everything stood and Cain visited my house a few times after my official and made sure everything was all straight and that we had some of the finer details ready leading into signing day. I’m very excited to play for both of them and see what we can accomplish.

What set NDSU apart from the other schools that you were offered by?

NDSU had a very good engineering program which is nice because that’s what I want to go into. The football team also has a reputation for winning on the big stage and all the time. That was really important for me because I didn’t want to go play for a team that was a losing one, because I don’t think anybody likes losing. And the coaches I got to know on the official (visit) seemed right and like they were passionate about the game.

What do you plan to major in?

I plan on majoring in engineering, but I’m not sure what field of engineering yet.