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Dakota Reid Q&A

Dakota Reid Q&A

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The only Illinois football commit to NDSU takes some time to answer a few questions. Check out what cornerback Dakota Reid has to say about why he chose NDSU

Why did you chose NDSU over the other schools that were recruiting you?

I chose NDSU over my other schools because they are a very successful program and when I took my official visit I felt comfortable with the coaches and players.

NDSU has recruited Illinois for years and has had some great success. What would you tell a fellow Illinois athlete who is considering attending NDSU?

I would tell recruits of NDSU from Illinois that NDSU is the place to be and if they don’t agree then I’d tell them to definitely keep NDSU as a top choice.

When did NDSU offer you and had you heard much from the outgoing staff?

NDSU offered me in December of last year. Yes I’ve been in touch with the outgoing staff.

Where do you think you will play in the secondary and what skills do you bring to help NDSU win more titles?

I think I will play corner in the secondary. I’m very aggressive, play good man to man press, and I’m a good tackler.

What players or 2014 recruits have you been in contact with or met so far?

I’ve been in contact with, Easton StickIsaac Cenescar and Marcus Collins.

NDSU has some experience in the secondary and it will be hard for any 2014 recruit to not get redshirted. If you do redshirt, how will you help the team prepare each week, but at the same time prepare yourself for the game in case there are injuries?

If I redshirt I will help the team by going as hard as I can every single practice and I will take as many reps as possible in practice in case I’m needed because of an injury.

What excites you the most about college?

The chance to play college football and prayerfully become a draft pick along with the fact that I will be getting education at the same time.

When do you expect to move up to Fargo and do you plan to make any trips to NDSU before then?

I plan on moving to Fargo June 14th

What is NDSU reputation in the Chicago area? Do you have to explain where it is or do you have people approach you when you wear NDSU gear?

Most football players I interact with in Chicago know who NDSU is. They know them as the best team in the FCS.

Have you decided what you would like to major in?

I would like to major in civil engineering.