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Camp Time

Camp Time

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John Neis 6/19/13



It’s summer camp season for college and university athletic departments. At this weekends NDSU football indy camp, high school players get a chance to show their skills in front of the Bison staff, along with other schools in attendance. For coaches it gives them a chance to see how recruits work and react to their coaching. Sure we have seen over 15 offers this spring, but NDSU will be lucky to get 2 of them to commit. The athletes coming in June 21st-23rd and the July indy camp are the players that will end up being in the 2014 class for NDSU. They will sign anywhere from 25-30 players this year and I’ll bet over 16 of them will have attended one of the Bison camps.
Here is our unofficial blog of Who’s Going Camping and there are two things that stand out to me. First off, hearing of athletes coming from Arizona, California, Colorado and even Ryan Moore from South Carolina (EDIT MOORE CANCELS TRIP) is crazy to think about. Maybe this happens year after year and none of us ever knew about it. Or maybe winning back-to-back championships has opened the door to some players that may have never considered NDSU a few years ago.

The other thing that stands out is the amount of athletes coming in that already have FCS offers and even FBS offers.
TE Zach Hovey from Eden Prairie has an offer from Florida Atlantic while another Minnesota TE Brandon Lingen from Wayzata has a Air Force offer.
Other confirmed MN players with offers: QB Jacques Perra (UNI) OL Robert Olson (N. Colorado) OL Austin Noble (SDSU) RB Josh Parks (SDSU) RB Raymonte Maynard (UND) TE Matt Juneau (UND) RB Ejodamen-Ejiya (UND)
Wisconsin RB  Drew Patterson has Air Force, Army and UND offers plus OL Matt Zeitler with a Butler and UND offer.
Nebraska’s Blake Emsick (UND) a linebacker from Omaha along with Brock Broughton (Holy Cross) a running back from Kearney, Missouri have both confirmed there plans to come this weekend.

EDIT NEW OFFERS: Easton Stick a QB from Omaha will attend Saturday. He has USD, N. Colorado, SDSU FCS offers plus a FBS offer from Akron

And those are just the players confirmed to be coming, plus not all offers have been reported. You can bet there are more but NDSU cannot release any info on the players attending per NCAA rules. Even though it’s June and the countdown to the 2013 season has started for many fans, this weekend starts the clock for 2014 season.

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