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NDSU Still Looking for 11

NDSU Still Looking for 11

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John Neis 3/28/13

When NDSU finally announces their 2013 football schedule some may confuse it with a April Fools joke. Not just for the fact that its late March and the announcement may not come until after April 1st, but because the final schedule may read 5 and 6. That’s 5 home games and 6 road games.

The promise of 6 FCS home games made by AD Gene Taylor, is looking less and less likely and it’s not because GT and Brian Gordon arent doing everything in their power to get that 6th home game. The answer to why there will be 6 on the road is simple……….Teams simply dont want to come to Fargo to get their ass handed to them by the 2 time defending champs. The Bison have set the bar so high that teams dont want to make the trip to the middle of nowhere to play the best team they will play all year.

When we add up all the info, it leads us to one date that makes sense and that the date is 9-14. This has been the date they have wanted to fill ever since Montana State got scared and canceled their trip. 9-7 and 11-2 are also open but being no one wants to visit Fargodome in 2013 and the word is it will be a road game. The Bison are not opening the season (@Kansas St) (@East Coast FCS Team) (Bye) and they are not going to have a three game road stretch by picking 11-2. Using those facts, 9-14 is the only date that makes sense.

So lets look at who has 9-14 open

They are located just west of Philadephia PA. They still have 11 on the schedule but no mention of wanting or exploring a 12th game. They are above and beyond the best team available and that leads us to believe they want no part of NDSU whether at home or on the road.


They are located in Pittsburgh, PA. The Dukes play in the Northeast Conference which plays 6 conference games. Currently they list 5 OOC games meaning they have room for one more if they want to play 12.

Sacred Heart
They are located in Fairfield, CT. Yet another NEC team with an AD some may have heard of in former MLB manager Bobby Valentine. Their team is horrible, but maybe Bobby V wants to see what the best in the division looks like up close and personal.

Southeast Missouri St.
Located in Cape Girardeau, MO the Redhawks from the Ohio Valley are actually a decent team but everything out of the Fargo media seems to be pointing towards an east coast trip.

Located in Lewisburg, PA the Bison of Bucknell play in the underfunded/limited scholarship Patriot League. Their team has little chance to beat the 2013 NDSU team whether in Fargo, in Lewisburg or on Mars so we are not sure why they would have any interest in testing themselves against the best in the FCS when they have a hard enough time staying competitive in the PL.

Located in Washington, DC the Hoyas are a great name but possibly the worst of all the teams mentioned. They do not want to give scholarships for football, much less play against a fully funded team who will beat them by 60.

As you can see the list is smaller than the last three blogs we posted weeks ago. Hopefully BisoNation can get the final schedule soon and those East Coast Bison fans can get a look at the two time defending champions

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